AEC endeavors to provide outstanding customer service and is committed to completing projects on time, within budget, and in a safe manner. We manage projects of all sizes from new buildings to additions, renovations, alterations and cosmetic improvements. Information regarding the process for delivery of major capital projects is available through the User’s Guide to Capital Projects.

We also provide specialty services such as painting, alterations, cabinetry, shelving, signs, furniture repair and upholstery and more. Our interior design services enhance the function and quality of the interior environment through space planning and finish selections including furniture, carpet and window coverings. Real estate activities including property acquisitions, management and leasing are provided by the Real Estate Office.

For general maintenance and repairs contact the Facilities Maintenance department or place a request for service through the Facilities Services Center.

If you are unsure where to send your request or need additional information, please call 734.763.3020.