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Project Number Project Name Phase Est Const Start Date Est Const End Date
1322 Wilmot Regents Items Map
P00013785 Demolition of 1322 Wilmot Schematic Design 01/19/2018 06/08/2018
300 N Ingalls Building Regents Items Map
P00013865 Add P&F HX to CHW Interconnect Construction 07/25/2017 12/08/2017
Angell James B Hall And Tisch Hall Regents Items Map
P00013728 ADA Door Operators at Angell and Tisch Construction 08/02/2017 09/29/2017
Auxiliary Services Building 1 Regents Items Map
P00013400 PEPL Room B107 Vacuum Compressors and Chilled Water Construction 09/05/2017 12/11/2017
Biological Science Building Regents Items Map
P00007315 Biological Science Building Construction 05/26/2014 09/30/2018
Brighton Center For Specialty Care Regents Items Map
P00011095 MMED Brighton Health Center South Construction 03/22/2016 07/25/2018
Brighton Health Center Regents Items Map
P00013528 Misc Electrical Upgrades Substantial Completion 07/10/2017 12/15/2017
Brown George Granger Memorial Laboratories Regents Items Map
P00012488 Provide Gas Cabinet in Room 2591 Construction 01/03/2017 10/06/2017
P00013135 Brown George Granger Memorial Laboratories First Floor Laboratory Renovations Construction 06/26/2017 12/08/2017
P00014122 Power Door Operators and classroom desks at CEE Bid-Award 09/22/2017 11/06/2017
Business Admin Executive Dorm Regents Items Map
P00013793 Domestic Water Modifications Construction Documents 12/19/2017 12/18/2017
Campus Safety Services Building Regents Items Map
P00013228 Renovate rooms 1500 1550 and 1580 for New Furniture Construction Documents 08/07/2017 07/06/2018
Cancer Center Regents Items Map
P00013661 South Gutter Repairs Construction Documents 09/15/2017 06/28/2018
Canham Donald B Natatorium Regents Items Map
P00013275 Replace Air Handler Unit Construction Documents 08/14/2017 08/17/2018
Cardiovascular Center Parking Structure Regents Items Map
P00013034 Concrete Repairs and Waterproofing Protection Construction 06/12/2017 11/03/2017
Central Power Plant Regents Items Map
P00010779 Central Power Plant Boiler 3 and 4 Efficiency and Reliability Improvements Construction 10/10/2016 12/22/2017
P00011088 Central Power Plant Expansion Schematic Design 01/17/2019 06/30/2020
P00012681 Central Power Plant 13,200 Volt Switchgear Upgrade Schematic Design 02/16/2018 03/29/2019
P00013082 Central Power Plant Basement Drain Line Replacement Construction 08/09/2017 09/04/2018
P00013559 Central Power Plant Chimney Stack Refurbishment (South) Construction 08/24/2017 08/15/2018
Chelsea Family Practice Regents Items Map
P00014009 Negative Pressure Revisions Construction Documents 09/11/2017 02/09/2018
Chemistry & Dow Willard H Laboratory Regents Items Map
P00013561 Renovate labs 4623 4629 and 4631 Construction 09/11/2017 01/19/2018
P00013578 Limited renovations for rooms 4316 4614 and 4817 Construction 06/19/2017 08/25/2017
College Of Pharmacy Building Regents Items Map
P00013919 Roof Replacement Construction Documents 05/07/2018 08/10/2018
Cooley Mortimer E Building Regents Items Map
P00014208 Replace Front Entrance Doors Construction Documents 06/04/2018 08/10/2018
Dental Bldg And W K Kellogg Foundation Institute Regents Items Map
P00012987 Dental Bldg And W K Kellogg Foundation Institute Expansion and Renovation Schematic Design 06/05/2018 06/30/2022
Duderstadt James And Anne Center Regents Items Map
P00012764 Duderstadt UPS and PDU Replacement Construction 05/11/2017 11/20/2017
East Hall Regents Items Map
P00013143 East Hall Exterior Repairs Construction 05/15/2017 09/15/2017
P00013671 Lab Renovation 4301-4305 Construction 10/30/2017 05/25/2018
P00013920 Replace North and West Roofs Construction Documents 05/14/2018 08/17/2018
Electrical Engineering And Computer Science Bld Regents Items Map
P00013028 Renovate Lab 1428 Construction 06/19/2017 01/11/2018
Facilities Services Building A Regents Items Map
P00013221 Renovate Rooms 1456 through 1469 Bid-Award 09/18/2017 04/27/2018
Fletcher St Parking Structure Regents Items Map
P00013029 Drain System Replacement and Waterproofing Repairs Construction 06/12/2017 12/29/2017
Frankel Samuel And Jean Cardiovascular Center Regents Items Map
P00011898 MMED Frankel Samuel And Jean Cardiovascular Center Electrophysiology Laboratory Replacement Construction Documents 08/01/2016 06/18/2018
Haven Hall Regents Items Map
P00013159 Haven Hall Ventilation Modifications Construction 07/10/2017 11/03/2017
Hutchins Hall Regents Items Map
P00011090 Law Quad Infrastructure Improvements Construction 04/11/2016 12/29/2017
P00013901 Mens Room B34A Repair Construction Documents 02/28/2018 04/27/2018
Institute for Social Research Regents Items Map
P00007105 Institute for Social Research Wing Two Elevators Replacement Construction 01/03/2014 12/30/2017
Kellogg W K Eye Center Regents Items Map
P00013087 Laboratory General Exhaust Fans Replacement Construction Documents 09/18/2017 03/23/2018
Kraus Edward Henry Building Regents Items Map
P00011092 Kraus Building Renovation and Addition Schematic Design 04/02/2018 01/04/2021
Land Improvement Regents Items Map
P00010888 MMED M29 Parking Lot Slope and Stair Improvements Construction 05/02/2016 10/31/2018
P00012060 NC27 Parking Lot Retaining Wall Repairs Construction 09/26/2016 01/31/2018
P00012885 NCRC Exterior - Relocate Steam Pipe Vault #3 Construction 06/13/2017 09/25/2017
P00013042 Parking Lot NC92 Reconstruction and Ring Road Modifications Construction 06/01/2017 12/29/2017
P00013179 NC95 Parking Lot Reconstruction Bid-Award 08/07/2017 10/20/2017
P00013306 East Ann Arbor Parking Lot Rehabilitation Construction 06/16/2017 08/01/2018
P00013505 Hospital Wayfinding Signs at Observatory and EMCD Construction Documents 09/18/2017 01/26/2018
P00013590 Parker and Willow Pond Weir Repair Bid-Award 11/27/2017 08/31/2018
P00013683 East Ann Arbor Medical Campus Gravel Lot Construction 09/01/2017 03/30/2018
Lay Walter E Automotive Engineering Laboratory Regents Items Map
P00010488 Lay Walter Automotive Laboratory Dynamometer Installation Construction 10/01/2015 11/30/2017
Literature Science And The Arts Regents Items Map
P00013383 Second Floor Improvements - Phases 1 & 2 Construction 05/25/2017 10/20/2017
Little Clarence Cook Science Bld Regents Items Map
P00013621 Renovate 4022 & 4024 Bid-Award 12/18/2017 05/22/2018
P00013954 Renovate rooms 2558 and 2566 Bid-Award 10/30/2017 05/18/2018
Livonia Specialty Care Regents Items Map
P00014016 Tenant Improvements Construction Documents 01/08/2018 08/31/2018
Lurie Ann And Robert H Biomedical Engineering Bld Regents Items Map
P00013085 Occupancy and Daylight Sensors for Lighting Construction 06/26/2017 12/08/2017
Lurie Robert H Engineering Ctr Regents Items Map
P00013088 Lighting Controls Upgrade Construction 05/29/2017 08/02/2017
Medical Science Unit I Regents Items Map
P00013441 Renovate labs 3311 and 3316 Construction 05/08/2017 02/13/2018
Medical Science Unit II Regents Items Map
P00011850 Medical Science Unit II Clinical Simulation Suite and Classrooms Construction 10/17/2016 04/17/2018
P00012684 South Elevator Replacement Construction 02/26/2018 09/14/2018
P00012946 Medical Science Unit II Replacing Air Handling Unit S-11 and AC-2 Bid-Award 05/05/2017 10/23/2017
P00013455 Med. Sci. II Lighting Controls Construction Documents 05/17/2018 07/18/2018
Medical Sciences Research Bldg I Regents Items Map
P00012312 Stabilize Unexcavated Area Off of Room A537D Construction 08/01/2016 12/04/2017
Medical Sciences Research Bldg II Regents Items Map
P00012728 Refurbish AHU-2 Construction 05/23/2017 12/26/2017
P00013364 C Level Renovations for BRCF Construction 05/15/2017 02/02/2018
Michigan Union Regents Items Map
P00007758 Michigan Union Renovation Design Development 04/30/2018 09/30/2020
Mott Childrens Von Voigtlander Womens Hospitals Regents Items Map
P00012028 MMED Mott Childrens Von Voigtlander Womens Hospitals Central Sterile Processing Department Renovations Construction Documents 01/13/2017 06/07/2018
Multiple Buildings Regents Items Map
P00005543 AEC Design Construction and Inspection Support for ITS/Extenet Construction 09/01/2011 01/30/2015
P00008932 Ross Athletic Campus Athletics South Competition and Performance Project Substantial Completion 01/05/2015 01/31/2018
P00013622 Renovations for ULAM Construction 09/07/2017 02/02/2018
P00014011 FY18 SOC Construction Documents 11/15/2017 06/29/2018
North Campus Administrative Complex Regents Items Map
P00012552 NCAC Bridge Repairs Substantial Completion 05/22/2017 11/13/2017
North Campus Childrens Center Regents Items Map
P00012923 NCRC Building 75 Boiler Replacement and Roof Top Unit Upgrade Construction 07/07/2017 12/11/2017
North Campus Research Complex Building 14 Regents Items Map
P00012492 Office Renovations for Rooms 113. 114. 123. 125. and 175M. Substantial Completion 03/06/2017 07/27/2017
North Campus Research Complex Building 28 Regents Items Map
P00010270 Activation of 2nd and 3rd Floors Construction 09/19/2016 02/14/2018
P00011785 Renovations for Engineering 3129W 3130W 3039S Substantial Completion 06/06/2016 08/09/2017
P00013083 Renovations 3113C 3111C 3106C and 3095E North Bay Construction 05/23/2017 11/23/2017
P00013372 Second Level Offices Substantial Completion 05/22/2017 08/17/2017
P00013709 Renovate 2030E 2031E 2032E and South Bay of 2099E Substantial Completion 07/31/2017 10/12/2017
North Campus Research Complex Building 400 Regents Items Map
P00013495 Collaboratory Area Construction 07/31/2017 02/12/2018
North Campus Research Complex Building 80 Regents Items Map
P00012886 NCRC B80 - Makeup Water System Upgrades Construction Documents 06/27/2017 03/05/2018
Oosterbaan Bennie Field House Regents Items Map
P00012685 Oosterbaan Field House Football Performance Center and Infrastructure Improvements Construction 05/31/2017 12/21/2017
Presidents Residence Regents Items Map
P00013366 2017 Repairs and Upgrades Construction 07/01/2017 08/18/2017
Research Museums Center Regents Items Map
P00013212 Renovate Rooms 1080 & 1086 Construction Documents 05/25/2017 05/01/2018
P00013483 Lab Renovation Construction 07/19/2017 02/02/2018
Robotics Laboratory Regents Items Map
P00007306 Robotics Laboratory Design Development 09/22/2014 02/19/2020
Schembechler Glenn E Hall Regents Items Map
P00012149 Schembechler Glenn E Hall Football Performance Center Design Development 11/09/2017 03/29/2019
School Of Information North Regents Items Map
P00013091 Renovate Server Room Construction 07/10/2017 12/22/2017
P00013208 North Plaza Exterior Repairs Construction 05/15/2017 12/22/2017
School of Social Work Building Regents Items Map
P00011054 School of Social Work Building East Wing Renovations Construction 05/01/2017 12/28/2018
Simpson Thomas H Memorial Inst Medical Research Regents Items Map
P00011972 Simpson Thomas H Memorial Inst Medical Research Infrastructure Improvements Substantial Completion 09/12/2016 10/13/2017
South Quadrangle Regents Items Map
P00013494 Renovate for Kosher Kitchen Construction Documents 01/01/2018 08/17/2018
Space Research Laboratory Regents Items Map
P00010244 Space Research Laboratory Building Lobby Improvements Construction 06/26/2015 12/29/2017
P00013918 1965 One Story Section Roof Replacement Construction Documents 04/23/2018 06/29/2018
Tisch Preston Robert Tennis Bld Regents Items Map
P00013206 Roof Coating Construction 07/10/2017 11/15/2017
Transportation Services Building Regents Items Map
P00013903 Replace Truck and Bus Lifts Construction 10/30/2017 12/08/2017
Trotter William Monroe Multicultural Center New Regents Items Map
P00011093 Trotter William Monroe Multicultural Center Construction 06/06/2016 01/07/2019
Tunnels Regents Items Map
P00010882 LPS Distribution System Safety Valve & PRV Upgrades Construction 06/14/2015 10/31/2017
P00013771 News & Information - Replace Steam Service to Building Schematic Design 04/25/2018 11/27/2018
P00013784 Structural Repairs - Major Maintenance (Phase 3) Construction Documents 12/25/2017 04/30/2018
University Hospitals Regents Items Map
P00012550 MMED University Hospital Operating Room Air Handling Unit Upgrades Construction 11/21/2016 03/16/2018
P00013783 MMED University Hospital Fire Detection and Alarm System Update Schematic Design 10/02/2017 09/28/2018
West Ann Arbor Health Center New Regents Items Map
P00009073 MMED West Ann Arbor Health Center Substantial Completion 01/01/2015 12/01/2017
West Hall Regents Items Map
P00011763 West Hall Renovations for the NAME Department Construction 05/26/2017 02/05/2018
Wolverine Tower Regents Items Map
P00013014 Ground Floor Office Renovations Construction 06/26/2017 12/21/2017
P00013089 Heating ECM Pump Upgrade Construction 09/11/2017 11/30/2017
P00013600 Power Door Operators for Low-rise West Entrance Substantial Completion 06/19/2017 09/07/2017