Major Projects

Alexander G. Ruthven Museums Building Renovation and Addition

The Alexander G. Ruthven Museums Building (Ruthven) was designed by notable architect Albert Kahn and constructed in 1928, with a small addition built in 1964. With the completion of the Biological Science Building expected in the summer of 2018, most of the occupants are planned to be relocated out of Ruthven. This project will initiate a detailed relocation plan for all occupants of the building to allow for its future use to include research, teaching, and administrative spaces.

We propose the renovation and reuse of the 1928 building (approximately 150,000 gross square feet) that is well suited for dry laboratory computational research and administrative space into which we would relocate the university’s central administration. Space will also be provided in the renovated facility to conduct both formal and informal meetings of the Board of Regents. We propose to demolish the 1964 addition consisting of 34,000 gross square feet that does not allow for large active learning-style classrooms and in its place construct a new addition of approximately 100,000 gross square feet for active learning classrooms.