Road and sidewalk closures for 2014 Ann Arbor Art Fair

This year’s Art Fair will be held July 16 – 19 and several streets that run through or next to campus will be closed beginning Monday morning, July 14.  The first event is the Townie Party,  Monday, July 14 from 5:00 PM to 9:30 PM.  The Townie Party is located on East Washington Street between South Thayer Street and Fletcher Street.  Setup for this event will occur on Sunday, July 13 at 9:00 AM.  The Ann Arbor Mile, “Dart for Art” race is also scheduled for Monday, July 14 beginning on South State Street.  The following streets will be closed from approximately 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM to accommodate this event:
  • South State Street between North University Avenue and Monroe Street
  • Monroe Street between South State Street and Tappan Street
  • South University Avenue between Tappan Street and South State Street
  • North University Avenue between South State Street and Thayer Street
The remainder of the impacted streets for the Art Fair will closed for setup on Tuesday morning, July 15.  Streets impacted are as follows:
  • East Washington Street from South Thayer Street to Fletcher Street (closed for Townie Party on July 14and remains closed for Art Fairs through July 19)
  • South Thayer Street between East Washington Street and North University Avenue will have restricted access to the Kraus service lots C1 and C2 (permits required)
  • North University Avenue from South State Street to Fletcher Street
  • South State Street from East Washington Street to Monroe Street
  • East University Avenue from South University Avenue to Willard Street
  • South University Avenue from South State Street to South Forest Avenue
  • Church Street from south of the Church Street Parking Structure (525 Church Street) to Willard Street
  • East Liberty Street from South Main Street to South State Street
  • Maynard Street from East Liberty Street to East Jefferson Street
  • Thompson Street – half a block south from East Liberty Street
  • South Main Street from East Huron Avenue to East William Street
Art Fair hours will be Wednesday through Friday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM and on Saturday from 10:00 AM till 6:00 PM.  Art Fair takedown will begin at 6:00 PM Saturday, July 19.  All impacted streets will return to prior operational levels beginning Sunday morning, July 20.
The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair will incorporate Ingalls Mall with North University Avenue and East Washington Street.  Ann Arbor’s South University Avenue Art Fair will extend along both South University Avenue and East University Avenue.  The Guild Summer Art Fair will continue along South Main Street and South State Street, while the State Street Art Fair will be located in the East Liberty Street area.  For more details, visit the Art Fair map at
The listing below outlines operational details that have been planned in order to continue services to the campus building occupants in the areas of the Art Fair:
  • Parking structure/lot access – The Thayer Street Parking Structure will remain open to U-M permit holders. U-M permit holders will be able to access the structure via East Washington Street to South Thayer Street.  The Church Street Parking Structure will remain open to U-M permit holders, who can access the structure via North University Avenue to Church Street.  Lot C5 (libraries) and C10 (the small surface parking lot by West Hall) will not be available for regular parking.  During the Art Fair days, all U-M parking structures will remain gated to only allow vehicles with appropriate U-M permits to enter.  After3:30 PM weekdays and all day Saturday, special event parking permits also will be sold at the structures where adequate vacancies occur.
  • Vendor deliveries to the Chemistry Building – The Chemistry Building dock will remain open, as will the intersection of Fletcher Street and North University Avenue.
  • Transit bus routes – Beginning Monday, July 14, U-M Commuter buses will follow traditional “Art Fair” routes, which include relocating the Northbound Museum of Art/State Street stop west to South Division Street and the Southbound South University Avenue stops to Hill Street. The Northwood route buses will follow the normal route during Art Fair week.  Please go the following link, for details regarding the detour route and temporary bus stops. 
Questions or comments about service issues should be directed to the appropriate department.  General questions about issues pertaining to the Art Fair can be directed to Jim Kosteva at 763-5554 or
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