Street Closures for Electric Bolt 8K race, Alliance Opening Ceremony ​Dinner, and NTI Block Party

On Sunday, July 31 beginning at 5:30 AM and lasting until 10:00 AM, the following streets will be closed for the

Electric Bolt 8K race special event:

  • Wall Street between Canal Street and Maiden Lane Court
  • Canal Street between Wall Street and Maiden Lane Court
  • Longshore Drive from Barton Drive to the Argo Park Entrance
  • Argo Drive at Longshore Drive
  • Indianola Avenue at Longshore Drive
  • Amherst Avenue at Longshore Drive
  • Northern lanes of Beakes Street from East Summit Street to 4th Avenue
  • 4th Avenue from Beakes Street to Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market
Also on Sunday, July 31, from 6:00 AM until midnight, East Washington Street between Fletcher Street and South Thayer Street will be closed for the Alliance Opening Ceremony Dinner special event.
Finally, on Wednesday, August 3, from 2:00 PM until 11:00 PM, South Main Street from William Street to Liberty Street will be closed for the NTI Block Party special event.
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