Sustainability Initiatives

Other Sustainability Initiatives

Construction Air Quality

U-M Master Specification 015719 Construction Air Quality was created for use on all projects.  It provides requirements for construction air quality that promote the comfort and well-being of construction workers and building occupants.  These requirements include the following items:

  • HVAC air filtration
  • Duct protection
  • Exhausting temporary heat
  • VOC use
  • Separating occupied spaces from construction areas
  • Scheduling construction activities to avoid air quality problems
  • Requirements for diesel exhaust

Low VOC products

To both protect construction workers and to ensure appropriate IAQ levels post-occupancy, guidelines and specifications for the use of low VOC products have been established and continue to be updated.  Some low VOC products are incidental or used on a temporary basis, and might not be thoroughly covered in the specifications.  For example, solvent based duct sealants may be appropriate for certain periods of construction and inappropriate for others.  Therefore, scheduling exceptions will be considered.

Carpet Recycling

In support of the U-M sustainability goals to reduce waste sent to area landfills, a carpet recycling pilot program is underway.  Under this pilot, flooring and demolition contractors will provide cost estimates related to taking post-consumer carpet to a local facility for recycling.  Cost data will be provided allowing U-M to understand the viability of long term carpet recycling as part of a broader effort to measure and track construction and demolition waste from campus

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