Overhead view of campus buildings

In general, AEC delivers three types of projects for the university community – major, mid-size and small.

Major projects are those that consume the most university resources and consequently require the greatest oversight. Because these projects require the most intensive planning and design, they must go through every step of each phase and therefore take the longest to complete. Projects with budgets of more than $10 million are considered to be major projects.

Mid-size projects are less complex and can bypass some steps, which will vary from project to project. Mid-size projects typically have budgets between $3 million and $10 million.

Small projects may move fastest through the process, bypassing some steps and tasks within each phase. The planning phase can often be significantly condensed without sacrificing quality. These projects have budgets less than $3 million.

All general fund building projects over $2 million require Provost Office’s approval before pre-design may begin, and all general fund building projects over $5 million require formal submission as detailed in the Capital Projects Guidelines and as summarized in the approval process section of the AEC User’s Guide to Construction Projects.

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