Design Guidelines

Introduction to the U-M Design Guidelines

Codes and Regulatory Agencies

Design Guideline Section 1.0 “Codes and Regulatory Agencies” outlines “Applicable Laws” as defined by the Design Professional Agreement. Design Professionals are contractually bound to meet the requirements of the codes and regulations referenced in Section 1.0. Any deviation from these Applicable Laws must obtain a formal variance from the University of Michigan Building Code Committee prior to contacting any Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Design Guidelines

Remaining Design Guideline sections are intended to aid the Design Professional in the development of a successful project. The goal is to ensure that the University is provided with long lasting, sustainable buildings that can be maintained in a way that extends building lifespan and enhances user satisfaction. These guidelines are based on experience with existing campus buildings, systems, and maintenance. Design Professionals are contractually required to review the Design Guidelines and conduct project specific analyses to confirm that the direction provided meets the specific goals and requirements of the project. Design Professionals may propose deviations from the Design Guidelines as needed. Requests shall be submitted to and approved by the Design Manager in writing prior to incorporation in the project. Design Guidelines do not relieve Design Professionals of due diligence, contractual responsibilities, or regulatory compliance. Design Guidelines are only for use in connection with work performed for the University of Michigan.

Effective date

The effective date for Applicable Laws and Design Guidelines is fixed at the beginning of Design Development and remains in effect for the duration of the project. To enhance life safety, Section 1.0 “Codes and Regulatory Agencies” includes exceptions that require projects of extended duration to comply with more recent versions of the Applicable Laws and/or permitting requirements. All other Design Guidelines remain fixed at the date Design Development began. Design Guideline Section 2.7 “Effective Date” provides links to consolidated design guideline documents by month and year.

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