7.0 Master Specifications

This section of the U-M Design Guidelines Website contains guide Master Specifications for the design and construction of facilities at the University of Michigan. The U-M Master Specifications were developed by Architecture and Engineering, for projects designed by our in-house design staff. They are maintained by roughly the same group that maintains the Design Guidelines Technical Sections. At this time we allow A/Es to use their own master specification, but strongly encourage them to use our Master Specification as a guide. Certain Design Guideline Technical Sections require that a related U-M Master Specification section be used as the basis for the A/Es project specific specification.

In all cases when U-M Master Specifications are  used they must be edited as required to be made project specific.  The Master Specifications include extensive hidden notes to the designer, which should be deleted prior to issuing for bid. The Master Specification is divided by CSI Division.  Most sections are available in both Acrobat (pdf) and Word (doc) format.

7.1 Architectural
7.2 Mechanical
7.3 Electrical
7.4 Site/Civil
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