2.0 Project Procedures

Contains Project related procedures, related documents and templates to be utilized by the design professional.

Guideline Other Formats Last Update Previous Version Former Document
2.1 OPR and BOD (Owners Project Requirements and Basis of Design) November 2022 July 2021 SID-B Owner’s Project Requirements and Basis of Design Documents
2.1.1 OPR-BOD-Report-Format Word Version November 2022
2.1.2 Room-Data-Sheet-Format Excel Version
2.2 Design Deliverables March 2021Cells highlighted yellow indicate revisions  February 2021
2.2.1 Pre-Design Deliverables September 2023 February 2021
2.3 U of M Owners Review December 2014 May 2014 SID-L Owner’s Review
2.4 Document Standards And Procedures For Project Deliverables June 2023 January 2022 SID-H Drawing and Construction Documents Standards
2.4.1 UMHHC Drawing and Construction Document Standards
2.4.2 Document Standards & Methods for Electronic Document Submissions January 2022
2.5 Project Estimates April 2024 September 2016 SID-P Project Estimates
2.5.1 UMHHC Projects Estimates
2.6 Insurance Underwriter January 2015
2.7 Effective Date Compiled Design Guidelines by Month and Year
2.8 Project Manual November 2016; Revised 8/2021
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