Completed and Cancelled Projects

Biomedical Science Research Building


The University of Michigan Medical School Biomedical Science Research building will be a major new laboratory building with up-to-date flexible, generic biomedical research space that will serve the needs of the Medical School for the foreseeable future. The 472,000 gross square foot new building is intended to contain 240 laboratory modules that will house as many as four researchers in each module. The need for space to accommodate interaction between students and faculty and to allow spontaneous small group meetings, as well as larger planned group conferences, was an important goal of the design. One very visible aspect of this interaction space will be the 300 seat auditorium which is a featured form in front of the building. In addition, an animal research facility will be provided two levels below grade.

The Biomedical Science Research building will be located on a full-block site bounded by Huron Street to the south, Glen Avenue to the west, Ann Street to the north, and Zina Pitcher Place to the east. It will join an ensemble of new buildings that will comprise the Life Sciences Institute, which are being constructed south of the site across Washtenaw Avenue on Palmer Drive.

View September 17, 2001 press release in PDF format.

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