Completed and Cancelled Projects

Brehm Tower Project


The Brehm Tower is a new clinical and research facility located to the west of the existing Kellogg Eye Center Building. With eight floors, the Tower provides 230,000 gross square feet — housing expansion space for the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, and space for the Brehm Center for Type 1 Diabetes Research & Analysis and other Brehm Center activities.

  • 72,000 net square feet will support Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences programs, including clinics, surgery suites, research space, faculty offices and support spaces.
  • 33,000 net square feet will house the Brehm Center activities including research labs, systems analysis and bioinformatics offices, a “Cure Room” convening space, and related support.
  • 11,000 net square feet will house general Health System research and related support spaces.
  • A common lobby, atrium and general building services will support the three functional occupants of the building.

U-M Regents approve $121M Eye Center expansion, to make it the largest in Midwest

Brehm Investigators

Brehm Professorships

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