Completed and Cancelled Projects

Hill Auditorium Renovation


Site Plan

Perspective Drawings

Interior Restoration – Color Palette

Utilizing historic descriptions of Hill Auditorium from its 1913 dedication, historic black & white photos which portray a polychromatic paint scheme, and the detailed analyses of hundreds of paint samples by the architects, a color palette of the original paint scheme was developed. These renderings reflect an artist’s interpretation of the restored paint palette. A reflection of the Arts & Crafts period in vogue in the early twentieth century, the palette uncovered at Hill reveals a rich polychromatic scheme encompassing a range of warm grays, blues, blue-grays, green-grays, golds, and deep red-browns. These reflect the architect Albert Kahn’s vision of subtly incorporating the university’s colors into a characteristic Arts & Crafts scheme. Other elements which contribute to the ambience of the interior and which are proposed for restoration include wood seats with upholstery similar in color to the original leather; restoration of the original color of the leather doors; period carpeting in the aisles; restoration of the bronze-gold color of the organ display pipes; and restoration of the medallion lights in the ribs of the ceiling. (Artwork by Mariuca Brancoveanu.)

Interior Renderings

These renderings show the layout of the spaces but do not reflect the restored color palette for paint, carpeting, and wall coverings.


Main Lobby:

Upper Lobby:

West Elevations

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