Completed and Cancelled Projects

Literature Science and the Arts Building Renovation


This project has been funded by the State of Michigan. The Office of Design and Construction, of the State’s Department of Management and Budget is responsible for administering the state capital outlay program and in conjunction with the U of M Architecture, Engineering and Construction is managing the design and construction for this project.

The LS&A Building was constructed in 1948 and is in need of significant work to address the infrastructure of the building. This project will involve the total renovation of the building (126,000 gross square feet). Mechanical and electrical systems will be updated, including heating and ventilation. Air-conditioning will be added to the building and accessibility throughout the building will be improved to meet current codes. Fire detection and fire suppression systems will also be installed to meet current codes.

In order to upgrade the building’s mechanical systems and provide air-conditioning, the project will require the installation of large fan units, ductwork, and other significant mechanical devices.

Upon completion of the renovation work, the building will generally function as it has in the past, housing core functions of the of the College of LS&A administration and some of the College’s academic and support functions. Selected general University functions, such as the University Registrar’s Office, will continue to provide service from the LS&A Building.

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