Palmer Drive Development

Palmer Drive Parking Structure


The Palmer Drive Parking Structure at the University of Michigan will hold approximately 1000 vehicles on five floors. It is one of the complex of buildings proposed as the Palmer Drive Development. Entry into the structure will be from Palmer Drive. The structure will also be connected on two levels by bridges for vehicular traffic to the existing Fletcher Street / Dental School Parking Structure.

The proposed facility will be used for University faculty and staff parking to serve the Life Sciences Institute, Commons Building, and other buildings adjacent to the Palmer Drive Development.

The exterior of the structure is primarily concrete, with some limestone and brownstone accents. The roof level will serve as a walkway/plaza providing access to the main levels of the Life Sciences Institute, Commons Building and an upcoming classroom building. This will create a much needed circulation path between the Medical and Central campuses.

A one million gallon capacity cistern is located beneath the Parking Structure to accommodate and improve storm water run-off in this area of campus.

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