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Information and Neighborhood Updates

February 27, 2020      South University Facility Manager Neighborhood Meeting
December 16, 2019   City of Ann Arbor City Counil Meeting, Agenda

About the Project

This project is being coordinated with the City of Ann Arbor to provide infrastructure upgrades and site improvements in and around South University Avenue from South State Street to East University Avenue, where both the city and university have significant utilities. This project will replace three underground water mains estimated to be sixty to one hundred years old with a single new city water main, and replace a deteriorating seventy-year-old university high-voltage underground duct bank with new infrastructure to assure continued safety and reliability. A university-owned utility tunnel that is approximately ninety years old will receive interior concrete restoration, exterior waterproofing, and reinforcement where necessary to withstand the heavy loads of emergency vehicles such as fire trucks to access university facilities. The sanitary sewer will be updated with a structural lining and repaired where necessary, and the storm sewers will be replaced with underground storm water control measures for storage and infiltration. The project will include landscaping, lighting, and other site improvements. By coordinating this scope of work between the city and the university, a long-lasting comprehensive roadway replacement will minimize overall disruption in the community.

Who can I contact with more questions?

Sue Gott
Campus Planner
Architecture, Engineering and Construction

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