Completed and Cancelled Projects

MMED West Ann Arbor Health Center

Ambulatory Care activity within the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) has risen steadily over time and is now nearing two million visits per year. In order to improve patient access to ambulatory care services, UMHS is both actively improving throughput within existing facilities and seeking to expand its capacity. As part of these efforts, the UMHS proposes the construction of a new and larger health center in the west Ann Arbor market. The existing West Ann Arbor Health Center is 6,000 square feet in leased space in Scio Township. Construction of an approximately 75,000-gross square-foot facility on property donated to the university in December 2010 will provide a significant expansion in access to an ambulatory diagnostic and treatment center, walk-in clinic, primary and specialty care, infusion, clinical pathology, and radiology services. There will be approximately 205 employees per day at the new facility. 1,509 total daily vehicle trips to and from the facility are estimated, with 223 trips projected in the morning peak hour and 216 trips in the afternoon peak hour. The new facility will also include adequate surface parking adjacent to the health center.

Additional Information

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