Completed and Cancelled Projects

Varsity Drive Building Dry Collections Relocation Renovations


This project will relocate dry research museum collections, associated lab spaces, and some offices for the Departments of Anthropology, Paleontology, and Zoology currently housed in the Alexander G. Ruthven Museums Building, the Campus Safety Services Building, and the Clarence Cook Little Science Building to the Varsity Drive Building. A renovation of approximately 71,000 gross square feet at the Varsity Drive Building is planned to accommodate the relocation of the collections. The project will create several environmentally-controlled areas with different temperature and humidity conditions appropriate to protect the various collections. The existing building is a warehouse, and the project will include comprehensive architectural, mechanical, and electrical work necessary to accomplish these improvements. The relocation of the “dry” research collections will create administrative efficiencies by co-locating with the “wet” research collections of the same departments at the Varsity Drive Building.

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