Design Guidelines

Introduction to the U-M Design Guidelines

This web site contains Design Guidelines for the design and construction of facilities at the University of Michigan. The Design Guidelines are in effect throughout the duration of the project. The Design Guideline 2.7 Effective Date for guidelines, is set at the beginning of Design Development for a given project and shall be used for the preparation of construction documents for the project unless noted otherwise. The purpose of the Design Guidelines is to assure maximum quality and value in construction projects at the University of Michigan, through uniformity, system and component quality, compatibility, sustainability, functionality, and ease of maintenance. These Design Guidelines provide direction to design professionals for most circumstances. With the wide variety of facilities, varying life expectancies and program requirements, these Guidelines shall be specifically and correctly applied to each project by the design professional. These Design Guidelines do not replace professional design analyses, nor are they Contract Specifications. We expect the design professional to conduct independent evaluations for each project. Applications of proven technologies and systems to provide cost effective alternate design concepts are encouraged. The University recognizes that there will be times when deviations from these Design Guidelines may be appropriate on some projects, and in those instances, the design professional shall proactively and in writing, approach the University design manager for written approval to deviate from the Guidelines.

Throughout these documents reference is made to the A/Es contact with the University as the Design Manager. This title is defined as the Owner’s Representative during the design and construction document phases.

Suggestions for improving these Design Guidelines should be addressed to in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Department. Revisions will be issued on a periodic, as-needed basis.

These Design Guidelines are only for use by consultants in connection with work performed for the University of Michigan. They are to be used in the preparation of design documents for University of Michigan construction projects. They are not intended to relieve the designers from their responsibility to comply with applicable codes and other contract obligations.